I decided that today was a good day to move my body.

A lot.

I am planning on registering for the Portland Marathon next year.

I think I am crazy. After finishing my first half marathon this summer, I vowed to never run that much ever again. Now, I’m like, “sure! yeah! lets register for that x 2!”

What the shit is wrong with me?

Perhaps I will blame it on my imaginary bucket list, and chalk it up to bragging rights– no one can doubt THIS girl if I am strong enough to run 26.2 miles. Sure, I cry at Hallmark commercials, but I ran 26.2 miles, SUCK IT.

So I have vowed to run four times a week, starting now until next October. Lofty goal, and I am sure some weeks will consist of one half-assed run, but I am setting the bar high.

This morning–bright and early–I put on my tight ass lulu lemon pants (which make me looks like a thunder thigh super hero– I can’t believe I go out in public) met up with my step-mom and went on a leisurely jog. My pup was happy, I was happy, it felt good to run and gossip with the s-mom.

I followed my run with 75 minutes of hatha flow yoga. Because, why not? I do a work exchange at a delightful yoga studio, so if I’m already at the studio, there is no excuse NOT to practice. Little did I know that this class would involve approximately 900 plank poses and runner lunges that left my hips and quads saying WTF.

Needless to say, today I am eating like a hormonal teenage boy. CARBS! PROTEIN! HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!

Also, all of this moving caused me to be a lazy ass pre-work, so I did some makeshift cooking. Here is the result.

I call this the, “throw-it-together-burrito”.

Here is the truth, I wanted to catch up on Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler is a goddess), and going to the store was not an option. I had carrots, potatoes, onions, black beans, quinoa and avocado. Throw all of that together with some tabasco, and you have yourself a burrito.

It was delicious. This just shows that you can always eat healthy– just keep that kitchen stocked of go-to healthy foods. And be flexible with what you put in your face. Who knows what kind of combinations you come up with? Whole wheat noodles with “peanut sauce”, yeah… I’ve been there.

As the evening wears on at work, I am still ravenous like a hippo, but I brought my trusty left overs to hold me over.

Not going to lie, I did sneak a few crackers meant for the kid’s consumption only… WHAT??! DON’T JUDGE ME!


I love the holidays.

No no. You don’t get it. I LOVE the holidays. I’m annoying about it. I am the kind of person most people want to punch in the face when they think about over zealous christmas freaks. Yeah, I have six boxes full of decorations– what of it? Yeah, I start listening to holiday music on Thanksgiving. And yes, I will go to Starbucks (gasp!) and get a holiday drink in a PAPER CUP just for the seasonal drink.

Deal with it.

Here is the thing: I have never gone through a holiday season as a vegan. Vegetarian? Absolutely. As a vegetarian, I was able to eat an entire block of cheese, topped with some eggnog, swirled in some peppermint ice cream. Now, I have to search and hunt for a coffee shop that has vegan chocolate so I can get a peppermint mocha at least once. And yes, I have considered bringing my own soy nog to a barista– but I fear their judgement.

As the holidays approach, and I’m coming to terms with not enjoying my grandmas cheese platter, I am getting crafty with my vegan menus.

My friends and I just threw a Friendsgiving. 30 people crammed into my living room, drinking whipped cream flavored vodka (I did not partake), and eating an 18 pound turkey. What did I do? Well, I rallied with my three other vegan friends and made a feast of epic proportions.

Knowing we would be the odd ones out, I spent my morning at the farmers market. Making eyes at the cute market boy. I may have purchased more brussels sprouts from him then necessary, but those eyes! I can’t resist. With my tote bag full of goodies (local cranberries… what? delightful), I headed home to prepare.

Here is the menu:

Maple Glazed Tempeh, Brussel Sprout and Apple Salad, Wild Rice and Kale Salad, Broccoli Crunch Salad, Cornbread and Cranberry Compote.

I was feeling ambitious. Heidi Swanson does that to you. 101 cookbooks vegan thanksgiving menu? Yes please.

It was all perfect. The tempeh even had the turkey loving folks admitting it was delicious. (take THAT meat industry)

There is nothing better than farmers market/slaving away in the kitchen/succesful dinner parties to kick-start the holiday season.

Just a FYI– get ready for the CHRISTMAS EXPLOSION that will dominate this blog.

Think I can’t make yoga about christmas? Well sir/madam, I whole heartedly accept that challenge.

My Journey

I have just recently decided to be a vegan. Having dabbled in vegetarianism for almost 13 years, I decided to take the plunge.  Why? I owe it all to a church basement showing of Forks over Knives.

I randomly received an email about this group called Meaningful Movies— they meet every Friday evening, prepare a big pot luck meal, and watch important documentaries on current issues. This whole evening proved to be a delight, and the documentary was enough to change my dietary habits forever ( I hope)

Here is why: you can reverse health effects simply by switching to a plants based diet. This movie focused on the science of the vegan movement, and the ability the diet has to reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity… EVERYTHING. My dad, stepmom and I all walked away inspired to change our eating habits.

I haven’t looked back.

As an environmentalist and animal rights activist, it was easy to give up eating meat.

As a lover of cheese, it was a bit harder to give up dairy. But here is the thing, I feel 100% better in my own body once I cut out dairy. No more stomach aches! I have more energy! My skin is clear and zit free! I dropped four pounds for the heck of it!

All of these things deserve exclamation marks.

This path to veganism can be limiting, but I live in a city where there is a plethora of vegan options. Another reason why Seattle is the best. Hello Flying Apron and Mighty-O Donuts (I still like to indulge in sweets.. what can I say?)

This blog will be dedicated to the things that have brought about incredibly positive changes in my life.