It is the Freakin’ Weekend.

Now that I have a big girl job, I can be one of those adults that says, “Thank goodness it is Friday!” And I really am excited for my two days off. Like most everything else in my life, I like to plan out what I am going to get done. Lets break it down.

Saturday morning: run with my dog, followed by flirtations with my cute farmer, followed with coffee and vegan doughnuts whilst browsing the Seattle Urban Craft Uprising (thank goodness I got paid today– I’m a sucker for a good craft)

Saturday afternoon: Catching up with an old friend and his adorable son. Perhaps hanging christmas lights. Perhaps walking Zep. Perhaps doing whatever the adorable kid wants to do.

Saturday evening: Finally making some delicious vegan food. Most likely, the Thai Soba Noodle Bowl from the Sprouted Kitchen Blog (gah! her life is just the cutest). After stuffing my face, I will proceed to prefunk with my bestie over some soynog/rum concotions while we decorate our christmas tree.

And then a little girls night out on the town. Even got myself a brand new sweater. Going to do a faux hawk of sorts. Trying to be hip– may even put on some big girl make up… I know, getting wild.

Sunday: Seattle Aquarium. Staring at the sea otters. ALL. DAY. LONG. Enough said. I have more planned, but does anything else matter?

Moral of THIS story: stay busy, surround yourself with beautiful people, keep yourself entertained and always plan to let loose.

Until Monday! Have a great weekend my friends!


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