Damn you Facebook Timeline

I literally have nothing interesting to write about. I can’t even think up a theme. Today is another rain cloud day. This rain cloud might have a stern face on. Not a sad face—it is the holiday season after all. Just a contemplative/pensive look. I think sitting alone sometimes can make you feel beyond nostalgic.

That and Facebook timeline. Or the idea that I can live old loves again and again through messages, pictures and wall posts. Facebook, what have you done to nostalgia and lost love?

So here is a little note for each of the loves. The ones that stuck with me.

To you:

It was the kind of love that stained my tongue summer berry red. It was mosquito bites and bare feet. It was big leaps of faith. Living together, loving together, and raising a dog together. It was the one perfect summer, and three years of sharing a bed. It was comfortable and like taking a deep breath of air. You are the kind of person that makes people want to be better. You taught me how to love another person with every particle, every fiber, ever part of my being.

To you:

Forever and always you will be a prince. Always keeping me guessing, always leaving surprises. You are the abrupt end of a song that you don’t see coming. There wasn’t any part of me that was ready for any part of you. You found me when I was a shell of a person, when I was an incomplete puzzle with a few too many pieces missing. Your words spilled out of you—jumbled, messy, romantic. The things you embody entrance me. You are the ellipsis in my life.

To you:

Absolutely and truly a best friend. For a decade. Through so many trials. A unique attraction. A definite connection. A darling part of you that melts my heart. I will never cross that line—no matter how tempting that may be. There is something so much bigger, so much more important than all of that.

To you:

I don’t know you yet. Or maybe I do, but I don’t know that we will become what we will become. I am so excited to hold hands with you. I am even more excited to make wherever we are a  home. You have made this love thing far too easy. I can’t wait to wear wool socks and scoot over hardwood floors to lay one on you when you least expect it. There will be many camping trips to go on, many puppies to raise and many a cold beer to share in our future. I promise to never forget that feeling we felt right at the beginning. I am excited to meet you—whoever you may be.

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