Nut Balls.

So I am on day three of my cleanse and I have already failed. However, I feel no guilt because my “cheating” involved adding chickpeas and quinoa to my diet.

Yeah, getting crazy.

Here is why I decided to derail myself. With the first week of the cleanse they say that, “you may feel lethargic, we recommend light stretching as your form of exercise.” I’m sorry, what?!? That just isn’t do-able for me. I have a marathon to train for. I have a dog to walk. I have yoga to do. “Light stretching” just isn’t my scene. This means I was eating constantly. I had my morning smoothie, went on a walk and then became ravenous again.


I suppose lounging around and lightly stretching would burn a lot fewer calories, and also bore me to fucking tears.

It felt so good to put a chickpea in my mouth today. You have no idea.

As I mentioned before, I am doing the cleanse with my bestie/roomie…which really makes this whole thing a lot easier. We have fallen in love with the nut balls. We pop those babies in our mouth like WOAH, as they are like a little smack of energy.

We spent Sunday snowboarding, and had mild panic attack about how we would possibly remain full with our breakfast of a kale smoothie and a banana. Don’t you worry, pop a ball or two in your mouth (this still makes me giggle like I’m a 14-year-old boy), and POOF eight more runs, NBD.

These will definitely become a staple in my life, cleanse or no. Here is a little run down of the recipe if any of you are hankering for some homemade, healthy, energy balls.

Nut Balls

-Dried cherries, prunes, apples and apricots

-Mixture of cashews, pumpkin seeds and walnuts

-Sesame seeds

  • Combine dried fruit and nuts in a food processor, blend together until everything is chopped into nice itty bitty pieces.
  • Mush these itty bitty pieces into a golf ball sized mound and roll in sesame seeds.
  • Eat like crazy when feeling ravenous from lack of protein.

Yeah, I should probably write recipes for a living.

Note: no measurements for nuts or fruit… meh, who needs em’? You just combine some shit with some other shit until it tastes the way you want it to taste. BOOM.

So the moral of this story is to adjust your cleanse according to your lifestyle. If you are a sloth, eat kale for three weeks. If you are active, add some shit here and there so you can function like a normal human being.

The End.

2 thoughts on “Nut Balls.

  1. I AM A SLOTH! I have a lot of energy with Kale and Nori rolls with avocado or just salad. What? Oh well! Maybe I need to exercise more! (I have been doing some “light” eliptical machining at the gym)

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