My Grandma

I am scrambling around like a mad woman. This weekend is the celebration of my grandma’s 80th birthday. My co-worker laughed at my stress as I wrote out the lists of things I had yet to do to prepare, “What are you guys doing, throwing a big party?” She asked sarcastically. I looked her squarely in the eyes and said, “Yes, my grandma likes to party.”

She does, she really does.

You know how when you think of grandmas sometimes your mind goes to that unfortunate stereotype? Grandmas with white hair, the ones that smell like old and shuffle around in floral aprons? The grandmas that spend their days knitting and petting cats? The ones who bake all morning and nap all afternoon?

Well, that isn’t my grandma.

My grandma has an aura that dominates my world. She is my role model in how to live my life. Her motto? No guilt, no jealously. She thrives off of loving, could talk until the cows come home and has a laugh that shakes the foundations of unhappiness and doubt. Her bedroom is her boudoir, rich in reds and oriental accents. Here we host midnight tea parties and delve into her past escapades as the hours disappear.

To know my grandma is to know passion, humor and a tad bit of crazy. The kind of eccentricity that led to four marriages, a plethora of off-the-wall stories and a closet collaged with nearly nude/completely nude men (honestly, she calls it her butt wall). Her crazy leads to eye rolls and belly laughs, and to moments of shock and amazement at the things that come out of her mouth.

To put it simply, my grandma is unique.

So this weekend we will come together and celebrate the woman that we all know and love so deeply. We are celebrating her 80 years on this earth. Celebrate how people like her brighten this cynical place. She is a reminder to take yourself a little less seriously, take life as it comes and to always let your hair down.

Oh, and if there is anything I have learned from my grandma it is to ALWAYS have a back stock of wine and champagne. You never know when the opportunity to party will present itself.

Grandma Carol, I raise my glass to you. Happy birthday.

Yes, this is my grandma. Yes, she was made into a postcard. And yes, she is a total babe.

3 thoughts on “My Grandma

  1. YAY! We do have the coolest Grandma on the planet. I often find myself explaining her in some of the words you use exactly. Starting out by explaining what stereotypes she is NOT. Then expanding on what she is, often this expansion includes the butt wall, her married trends, her “no regret, no jealosy” model of living, her passion for tea, and (of course) the dungeon. My own two cents: Once, as a teenager I used some slang phrase that had her rolling her eyes so I explained that it basically meant “once you go black you never go back” (I was a teenager at the time) and she looked at me for a second and said “Well, that isn’t true.” Oh how we laughed. I love how sometimes she laughs until she has a coughing fit. And by sometimes I mean often. What a joy she is. A perfect role model!

    • yes! I was there for the “once you go black you never go back” comment! We were out to breakfast somewhere. I remember her saying that and once commenting on marrying one of her husbands because he was good in bed. We have such strong women role models in our lives. Thank goodness for that.

  2. Yes, she is a fantastic grandma and a wonderful mom. She is MY inspiration – always has been and forever will be. She would like your post. Maybe you can print it out and add it to her 80th Birthday Celebration Book?

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