Words aren’t coming to my brain these days.

In a good way.

This weekend was slow and comfortable and healthy and perfect.

All I can say is that I am happy that the universe loves me. It loves my decisions. It has decided to make everything line up. Bless that Universe.

I leave you with pictures, as I can’t really come up with anything else to describe the immensity of my bliss.

If I were to sum up my weekend in a dish it would be this noodle dish. You take one bite and it is all over. You’ve found it. Then you just keep eating it. Forever.

Eat-The-Entire-Bowl Noodle Dish

– 1.5 pounds of whole wheat angel hair pasta or soba noodles

– 3/4 cup tamari

– 1/2 cup sesame oil

– 1 tsp cayenne (I was more heavy-handed… oops)

– 1 red pepper cut up

– 1 bunch cilantro, cut into pieces

  • Cook the pasta and add all the other ingredients. That’s it. SO EASY. SO GOOD. EAT FOREVER. Next time I will probably add more veggies to up the nutritional value of the dish… Make it okay to eat the entire pot in one sitting. No big deal. We decided this would be the perfect dish to sell late at night to drunk people. Oily, delicious, addicting. Money maker? I think so.

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