Divas Never Doubt

Sometimes you stay out too late. Sometimes you drink too much. Sometimes these things can lead you to questionable decisions. The type of decisions that are at the front of your brain and the tip of your tongue for the rest of the day/week/month/eternity… hmmmm. Solution for said decisions?


There really is something to be said for using running as therapy. It is a time where you are alone with your thoughts. Or in my case, alone with my thoughts and a crazy ass dog that tries to trip me every five minutes… keeps me on my toes.

I set out this morning with the intention of using my morning run as therapy. Running and breathing and thinking= therapy.

It worked! I got home feeling different—a sense of acknowledgement and acceptance of my aforementioned decision washed over me. I feel like I MAY be able to conquer the world.

I followed my run with a insanely hard  yoga class that left my arms trembling. However, my favorite teacher of all time told me that I had a beautiful practice, which further inflated my head and yes, I am sure that I can– and will–conquer all.

I’m not really this terrifying or egocentric, I promise.

However, I can’t imagine that I would be in this mental head space or find this clarity if I didn’t move my body. Exercising has become a crucial part of my routine. Recently, when I was sick, I wasn’t able to exercise. I went fucking stir crazy. I literally felt like a blob. I was moody, I was short-tempered. I was lethargic. I was a hot mess.

And look at this turn around! Now that I’m back in my routine, I feel like my inner diva is coming out. And I mean diva in a good way. I mean diva like Beyoncé (who is by far, the greatest person in the world—I can’t wait to see how her kid turns out. HOT DAMN.) It is amazing what confidence and movement will do to ones outlook on self-worth and life choices.

Yes, I did drink a few too many on Sunday. Yes, I did wake up the next morning and say to myself, “holy shit…” BUT, it happened. And who knows where this decision will lead me.


Seeking Clarity

Today I pretended to be a mom for 1.5 hours. It is exhausting. However, there is nothing more precious than receiving compliments from an adorable 3.5 year old. I traipsed around with this little boy whose energy astounds and delights me. It seems that I could care less about appearing like an ass in public, as I sneer, growl and run around like a fool. What can I say, this kid has my heart.

He also made me realize how I can’t see myself having kids for a REALLY long time…. if at all.


Not having kids? I know, I know. If my mom reads this, she will probably have a heart attack. I just don’t know if raising a child is in my future– and is that such a bad thing? I think there are enough children in the world, and perhaps my contribution to society is to NOT have a kid. I can be the fun aunt. Or whatever.

Mind you, I say this as a highly content 20 something single lady. Perhaps when I meet said lobster/dream man, the idea of babes will sprout up in my mind.

Speaking of minds, I had a beautiful practice today. I am still fighting this ridiculous head cold, so I contemplated not going to yoga. However, one of my absolute favorite instructors was leading, so I said eff you cold, I’m getting on that mat.

Thank goodness I did.

We spent a lot of time breathing. Which people don’t ever do. It blows my mind how you can feel the effects right away. While lying in shavasana, I tried to focus all my energy on quieting my mind (such an oxymoron, but that is a whole different discussion). To do this, I paid attention to my inhale and exhale. For me, I imagined my breath going into my brain, and where all the blood flows I imagined sprouting flowers, opening up passages, granting peace and new life.

It was the best shavasana I have had in a really long time.

I challenge you all to take 5 minutes to find a comfortable spot and practice breathing. I guarantee you will feel like a new person.

Make your weekend goal breathing… REALLY exciting, I know.