Homage to my Pup

I can’t believe I haven’t written an entire entry about my dog. Truth, I wrote an entry about dogs, but NOT about my dog in particular.

So this entry is for him. Because, you see, my dog is my life. Haters can hate, people can make fun of me, but my dog is always there– always snuggling– always my companion. I get it, he isn’t a human. I’m not a creeper who dresses him up in clothes, lets him eat from the table, etc. I treat him like a dog. He eats raw, bloody bones (yeah, weird for a vegan but he is a DOG).

He is 80 pounds of pure love.

He is the reason I get up and walk 3 miles every morning. He is the reason I make trips to the ocean, take snowshoe trips to the mountains and spend my summers exploring the many hiking trails of Washington.

Zeppelin is the reason I practice patience and meditation.

Truth, I talk about him too much. Whatever, people talk about their kids all the time, he is just as important to me.

I rescued him from the shelter, and everyday he has brought me an endless amount of joy.

Zeppelin, I raise my imaginary glass to you. Without you, I wouldn’t be the healthy, happy, well rounded person I think I am.

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