Snowday 2012: You Make me a Blob

So it snowed. And when it snows in Seattle the city shuts down. Which means I also shut down and throw responsibility to the wind. It was pretty epic.

Snow Day 2012 motto: live your life, be a douche, no rules. Or something along those lines.

Mind you, we made up this motto after a few too many beers and a plate (or two) of fries… The be a douche part? Not sure exactly what that was all about, but at the time it seemed relevant. ugh, like I said; responsibility BE DAMNED.

Needless to say, I currently feel like a blob. Yes, I did walk approximately 16 miles in the last two days, and made one killer snowman. However, I also drank too much, ate too much and didn’t wear real clothes for a long stretch of time. I also looked somewhat androgynous… snow days and I have a weird relationship. Function over fashion, okay?


I am not sure if anyone has ever watched Arrested Development—who am I kidding, everyone I know and love has seen that show, which means all of you have—but there is an episode where Michael asks the household if there is a carbon monoxide leak in the house because everyone is lounging around with no real purpose in life. This is how I feel. Like I’m slowly being poisoned…

It was one of those days where my roomie and I literally had no desire or ambition to get off the couch. I crawled to her and we discussed what the shit was going on and came up with a plan of action.

Mind you, we are both relatively healthy ladies, but we all fall off the band wagon now and again, am I right? Our derailment from health involved lots of junk food (she ate deep-fried macaroni and cheese… it is getting bad) and a lack of motivation to be active. We are training for a marathon together… things are currently looking dire.

SO here is what we are going to do. Start a freaking cleanse. Now, I have attempted cleanses before. I usually last approximately two days before my lack of will power causes me to succumb to the following things: coffee, chocolate, cheese and alcohol. Luckily, being a vegan has cut out the cheese temptation, but the rest? Not so much. I am hoping that having a partner in crime will help me stay on track.

Usually, when Trace and I do things together we go big or go home. Mostly this pertains to drinking, karaoke and a bad taste in men folk… but we are hoping to transition to much healthier things with the same zest and gumption we have for aforementioned dalliances. We shall see.

Needless to say, we will be starting the Whole Living’s 21 Day Cleanse tomorrow… The first week was crafted by Sarah Britton of My New Roots, so you know that shit is going to be perfect.

The next post might involve me weeping about my cleanse headache or my horribly disastrous failure to stick to said cleanse.


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